Friday, 22 March 2013

What can you do about growing taller... try shoe lifts

A quick story that I have written and want to share

Basically it is about a guy named plantar faciitis.

Plantar faciitis was a shy person. He never knew what to say because of his shyness and lack of confidence  This was all down to his height.. to be perfectly honest he wasn't happy with it at all... because he was small much smaller than his friends. At times he tried his best to speak up and be loud. Be heard but he just could not manage to be noticed  One day he had a idea. He would buy height increasing insoles in a attempt to try and increase his height and prospects as well and one day he would have enough confidence to take on the world and finally be heard for once!
Well anyway the problem was for plantar faciitis was that he honestly did not know where he could actually get a pair of these insoles from. Big problem indeed. He tried looking online for please where he could buy some of these shoe lifts to help him but he couldn't find anywhere to buy them from, partly because the internet was only invented recently. The date was 1800 so the internet was not established yet.
Anyway whilst plantar faciitis was playing a game of online mahjong on a website he thought to himself that he must try his best to find somewhere that actually buys these magical insoles that where now being talked about by everyone... he felt even smaller as people where buying them from somewhere and where getting even taller whilst he stayed small.
He eventually heard that they where all going abroad to buy their shoe lifts and heel lifts in america of all places on earth. He had to leave the UK and instead go to america to go and get a pair of these instead... will take a lot of work but he thought that it is definitively worth it if it meant he could increase his height. So that same day plantar faciitis decided to get going to america to buy some of them. Okay he could either take a bus to america but it may sink going over the Atlantic ocean or he could choose to take a boat. Plantar faciitis usually gets sea sick though so that may not work... Right that just means the other option by taking a airplane  I bet you amazed at how in the 1800's they have access to all this technology like airplanes and the internet... well this is only a story you know.
He bought his airplane ticket and was not off to the airport where he would catch his flight to america. All went smoothly the flight was a little bumpy but comfortable. And as they landed he was amazed at the scenary and the huge building that where in america.. he had never been before.

Okay so where next did plantar faciitis have to go? Good question as plantar faciitis himself did not know as well.
He asked around and managed to establish that he was meant to go to the town center if you could actually all it that, to pick up his pair of height increasing insoles from a man called gel who also had a friend called sports.

He got to the town center and walked towards two people who he assumed where gel and sports. He assumed they where the guys due to the fact that they where wearing shirts that had their names in them. Also they where selling what looked as though they where shoe lifts however plantar faciitis was unsure if they where or not because shoe lifts are always hidden and nobody can actually see them
He asked gel if he could buy some and he said yes.
He bought some from gel quite cheaply and plantar faciitis put the insoles into his shoes right away and was actually quite amazed at how the insoles managed to lift him and give him a height boost right away by simply giving him aller heels. Plantar faciitis was also comfortable in his shoes to his surprise even though he has them on the tallest setting... 3 inches.

He thanked both gel and sports and headed back to the airport where he would go back to the united kingdom and show off his new height. He got on his airplane back to the uk and as soon as he got to england he started to ring his friends asking if they could meet up somewhere because he wanted to show them something.

He then met his friends orthotics and arch support who where quite amazed with how tall plantar faciitis was now. They asked him how it was possible and plantar faciitis just laughed and said to both orthotics and arch support that it was hus secret!

So the moral of this story is not to settle for being small you can always do something about anything wether it be growing taller you can buy some heel lifts... its quite simple

Thanks for reading my story...LOL

My first review about shoe lifts to help you increase your height

To start off my review website lets talk about something that can do the impossible shall we?
The impossible that well used to be impossible thanks to this product is appearing/looking taller. Many of you wont believes me if i was to tell you that anyone even if your really old and have been small all your life can increase your height instantly. Height increasing insoles can do the very thing people have been trying to do for so long. Height increasing insoles are not a myth they are very much real unlike many of the other fake methods to grow taller you can find out there. There is nothing fake by the actual height you can add to yourself whenever you want.
Some people may laugh at the idea of wearing shoe lifts and other will be clever and will not just dismiss them as a novelty item as they know the potential of them.
Shoe lifts wont make a laughing stock out of you with your friends because your friends unless you tell them wont even know you have them in because shoe and heel lifts are hidden! Plus if you don't want people asking how you manged to grow 3 inches over night then don't give them the chance by adjusting you height over time by a little amount every once in a while with the adjustable function on the shoe lifts you can avoid questions.

Built to be light weight and comfortable you cannot go wrong with the height that you are able to gain from a pair of these insoles!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

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